Ezra Tucker

Internationally renowned artist, Ezra Tucker began his award winning career in the field of Illustration. Producing many familiar advertisements and enduring images for a multitude of Americaʼs Fortune 500 corporations. Ezra's striking imagery stimulates and challenges the senses while capturing the viewer's imagination. Branching out beyond the restrictive expectations and limitations of illustration, Ezra lends his unique style and refreshing perspective to the traditional genre of Wildlife Art.

Painting animals is Ezra's passion. With his touch and his vast knowledge of species, anatomy and technique, he gives his subjects a fresh appeal, reminiscent of the old masters. Ezra draws upon a period of the 1800s, when the creative world appreciated and highlighted the multitude of exotic and varied animal species. Choosing to paint almost exclusively wildlife in his style, he paints his animals as having apparent intelligence and individual distinctive personalities. He depicts his subjects in fluid motion even when they are at rest. Ezra finds the art of modern wildlife artist Bob Kuhn as well as classical wildlife artist, Carl Rungius, and other artist such as W.R. Leigh, N.C. Wyeth and Norman Rockwell inspirational and all have influenced his art. Ezra's style relies on his strong draftsmanship, expert painterly skills and design expertise. The duality between rendering and painting intertwined in a compelling composition is inventive and ground breaking. Ezra's bold and distinctive style of painting animals reflects his acute observation of his subjects and displays an intimate and emotional portrait quality rarely seen in Wildlife Art. Thus giving the viewer the opportunity to view animals with renewed knowledge and appreciation.

Ezra's artwork has been on exhibition at; the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.; the Texas Rangers Historical Museum in Austin, TX; the Canton Museum of Art in Canton, OH; the Bruce Watkins Center in Kansas City, Missouri; The Booth Western Art Museum In Cartersville, Georgia and the Old West Museum in Cheyenne, Wyoming.His original art is included in museum and private and Fortune 500 corporate collections.

Ezra is a graduate of the Memphis Academy of Arts where he earned a BFA Degree in Advertising Design. Ezra lives with his wife and their three children in picturesque Colorado.